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Our assault and battery lawyers in Texas fulfill your right to objective defense

With extensive legal experience, the lawyers of the Law Offices of Alan Brown have the knowledge necessary to provide you with strong defense against your violent crime charges. These charges often come with significant consequences, and as a former prosecutor, Alan Brown understands the tactics that assistant district attorneys use to pursue these harsh punishments against you. This insight into the prosecution and defense aspects of your case — as well as our attorneys’ familiarity with the local judges and clerks — gives the Law Offices of Alan Brown a unique advantage and allows us to obtain the best possible results for you.

A violent crimes lawyer works to minimize your punishment

One of the biggest challenges surrounding violent crime cases is the emotional nature. Plaintiffs generally harbor a great deal of resentment toward the defendant, especially if the two know each other. As your San Antonio criminal defense attorney, the Law Offices of Alan Brown help you overcome the challenging emotional aspects of your case and keep you composed throughout the proceedings. If your case goes to trial, a major part of the decision that a judge and jury make is based on how you present yourself in the courtroom. You must remain calm and even-keeled at all times, presenting yourself as an innocent individual.

Our attorneys represent clients in San Antonio crime cases that include:

  • Sex crimes. These crimes may include rape, sexual assault or sexual battery.
  • Homicide. Including charges such as first- and second-degree murder and manslaughter.
  • Assault. Assault cases may include domestic violence, battery, aggravated assault or assault with a weapon.

Throughout your case, our attorneys keep you constantly informed about your options for success. Although the firm cannot always guarantee a case dismissal, our attorneys dedicate themselves to seeking the most positive results available, including minimized sentences and penalties. Whether you are charged with manslaughter or are defending against a claim of domestic violence, you deserve high-quality representation and a fair chance at justice. Speak with the attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan Brown to protect those rights when you face serious violent crime charges.

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Attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan Brown are determined to uphold your right to fair, non-judgmental representation. Call us at 210-227-5103 or contact us online to schedule a consultation visit, completely free of charge. Our offices are located just across the street from the old Bexar County Courthouse on Main Plaza, the oldest commercial city block in San Antonio. Additionally, if you need bilingual service, se habla español.