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Work with a criminal defense attorney with a history of delivering positive results

When accused of a crime that goes to a federal court, you immediately must find a criminal defense lawyer with experience in handling high-profile cases. At the Law Offices of Alan Brown, our lawyers have extensive experience and a reputation for aggressive representation. They care about fulfilling your right to a fair trial, and get to know you and the situation around your case to personalize their approach and make more persuasive arguments in the courtroom. Our attorneys are dignified and composed throughout the entire process, helping you to maintain peace of mind about your future.

Why should I work with federal crimes attorneys in San Antonio?

State and federal courts oversee different types of cases, depending on the laws violated and where the offenses occurred, among other factors. Some of the types of federal crime cases the firm’s attorneys take on include:

  • Drug cases. Federal drug cases could involve manufacturing, distribution or trafficking. Generally, simple possession cases do not go to a federal court. Law Offices of Alan Brown’s San Antonio drug defense attorneys have a variety of methods to minimize the penalties you face for drug-related offenses.
  • White collar crime. Federal white-collar crime charges could include embezzlement, tax evasion, fraud or identity theft. Work with a San Antonio tax evasion attorney to alleviate the risk that your life and career may be ruined as a result of these charges.
  • Internet crimes. Internet crime is a relatively new legal area, and most cases go to federal courts. These include online solicitation, making threats and fraud.
  • Probation and parole violations. Any instances of probation or parole violations go straight to a federal court, even if a state court originally oversaw your case.
  • Military DUI. Although regular DUI or DWI cases go to state courts, federal courts oversee military DUI cases, as there are extra complications due to the military affiliation of the defendant.
  • Murder for hire. Any murder case involving a contract to kill another person goes directly to federal court.

As a former prosecutor, Alan Brown understands how best to approach federal cases from a defense perspective. Let our attorneys work with you to find the best possible results.

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