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Upholding your right to a fair trial

At the Law Offices of Alan Brown, our attorneys believe that people accused of drug crimes deserve a second chance to turn their lives around. When charged with any type of drug crime, you can trust in our extensive legal experience and thorough knowledge of drug laws to keep you composed and give you a better outlook. As a former prosecutor, Alan Brown can anticipate all of the common methods used in prosecution and tailor his litigation tactics to combat them.

Our drug crimes attorneys serving Texas analyze the details surrounding your case to bolster your defense

Drug crime charges come with serious consequences that could impact your life for the long term. However, the fact that you are charged does not instantly signal your downfall. There are various steps that law enforcement and prosecutors must take in any drug case to obtain a proper conviction. The most common errors law enforcement officers make that enable attorneys to seek a case dismissal include:

  • Illegal searches and seizures. Police must either have your consent to search your home or a valid warrant to search or seize any of your property. Any evidence collected without a warrant or permission is ineligible for use in your criminal proceedings. Under no circumstances should you ever consent to a search, even if you are convinced of your innocence. Officers may attempt to bully you if you refuse a search, but without a warrant, they have no right to enter your property. Speak to a San Antonio criminal law attorney immediately if law enforcement asks to search your home or property.
  • Invalid warrants. Any warrants that police use must come from the proper authorities. In some cases, officers say they have a warrant simply to goad you into letting them search your property. Always ask to see a warrant when police arrive at your home. Any evidence collected with invalid warrants is ineligible for use in your case.

Even if our attorneys cannot succeed in getting your case dismissed, they will fight to minimize the penalties you face. A San Antonio federal crimes attorney aggressively defends you to minimize your fines, jail sentences and probation.

Contact a San Antonio drug crimes lawyer right away

When charged with a drug crime, contact the lawyers at the Law Offices of Alan Brown to receive the fair, high-quality legal representation that is your right. Call us at 210-227-5103 to schedule a free consultation during our flexible office hours. Our attorneys offer services in both English and Spanish.