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Internet crimes can be very serious charges, and without proper representation you could face consequences that impact the rest of your life. At the Law Offices of Alan Brown, our attorneys draw upon years of legal experience and have earned a reputation throughout the area for high-quality and personal service. Our relationships with local judges and clerks give us an ability to secure positive plea bargain agreements, and Alan Brown’s experience as a former prosecutor allows him to view your case from multiple angles. Our attorneys use these insights to make strong arguments on your behalf and to fight aggressively for you in and out of court.

You need Internet crimes lawyers in San Antonio to defend you

Internet crimes include a wide range of misconduct, ranging from identity theft, hacking or fraud to issues involving stalking, harassment, child pornography or solicitation of minors. Many of these charges come with serious consequences, as beyond the damage to your reputation, you also face significant jail time, probation or fines.

Our criminal lawyers in San Antonio use a variety of defense methods in your case. Two of the most effective strategies are proving:

  • Entrapment. This is a particularly effective defense tactic for people charged with online solicitation of a minor. In many cases, law enforcement officers sit in chat rooms posing as minors and aggressively attempt to arrange a meeting. Then, at the meeting, they make the arrest. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, this could qualify as entrapment.
  • Illegal searches or seizures. If law enforcement agents searched your computer without a warrant or your permission, any evidence they collect becomes invalid in a court of law. Never, under any circumstances should you consent to a search of your technology until you speak with lawyer.

A San Antonio white collar crime attorney uses these and other defense strategies based on your situation to avoid harsh punishments and clear your name, allowing you to keep your job, your dignity and your hope.

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