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Work with our expungement attorneys serving Texas to find out if you’re eligible

When you have been charged with a criminal offense, the charge stays on your record even if you are found not guilty. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan Brown work with you to expunge your records and restore your good name and reputation. Our attorneys understand that you simply desire to progress with your life, and clearing your record is often necessary to do this.

Drawing upon many years of legal experience, our attorneys are well-versed in the expunctions process. They determine your eligibility for an expunction and guide you through the process so that you no longer have to worry about having criminal charges on your record.

Expunctions attorneys in San Antonio provide you with a brighter future

To “expunge” means to destroy, or in the sense of your legal records, to wipe clean. There are various benefits to expunction. For example, many jobs require criminal background checks before you are hired. Even if you have a “not guilty” result after being charged with a crime, the mere appearance of the charge can paint a negative picture of you. An expunction ensures that a potential employer or anyone else looking at your background information does not get the wrong idea about who you are as a person.

San Antonio attorney can likely expunge your record if you meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You were arrested and charged with an offense, but found not guilty by a judge or a jury.
  • You were arrested, but a case against you either was never filed in court or was dismissed from court. In this scenario, you can expunge your record after the statute of limitations on your case expires. The statute of limitations in Texas is two years for misdemeanors, and it varies for felony offenses, depending on the offense.
  • You are at least 21 years old now and committed an alcohol offense when you were underage.

Work with a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer to determine if you’re eligible for an expunction and to file the proper paperwork so that you can enjoy having a clean record once again.

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For questions about the expungement process or to schedule a free consultation, call the Law Offices of Alan Brown at 210-227-5103. Our offices are located just across from the old Bexar County Courthouse on Main Plaza, the oldest commercial city block in San Antonio. Additionally, our firm can provide our services in Spanish.