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Work with our team to clear your name and avoid harsh penalties

When an officer pulls you over and charges you with a DUI or DWI violation, it’s understandable for you to worry about your future. However, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan Brown form a team with you based on trust and respect, which ensures the best results possible. Our established and knowledgeable attorneys have a reputation throughout the area for delivering high-quality service. Alan Brown’s experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney and the firm’s connections with the judges handling your case give us the edge you need to avoid having one mistake ruin your life.

Our DUI lawyers serving San Antonio help you keep your license

DUI and DWI charges carry significant punishments, including license suspensions or revocations, jail time, fines and probation. There are typically three steps that law enforcement officers take before charging you with a DUI or DWI offense. However, each of these steps has stipulations that a skilled San Antonio criminal defense attorney can analyze and argue against based on the findings. These steps are:

  • Pre-stop behavior. Officers pull you over based on your driving. If you swerve in and out of lanes, drive unusually slow, hesitate at stoplights or engage in any other telling behavior, officers are likely to suspect that you are under the influence. But then can the officer be sure that it was your vehicle they observed and that you were actually driving erratically? Was there a reason besides substances that made your driving poor? These are questions for which our attorneys find answers.
  • Field sobriety tests. Many officers make you perform field sobriety tests to determine if you are intoxicated. However, these tests are not always conclusive — and certainly not indisputable. A San Antonio felony attorney analyzes the conditions surrounding your field sobriety test and brings evidence to the court that sheds doubt on the test’s findings.
  • Breathalyzer® tests. Much like field sobriety tests, these tests are not always perfect. The person who administers the test must be properly trained in its procedures. The test giver must also follow the correct procedures in issuing the test. If they fail to do so, our attorneys seek to invalidate the test.

Let us work with you to fight back against your charges and help you avoid the hefty punishments that come with DUI or DWI convictions.

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