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When you are accused of a sex crime, your first step should be to immediately contact an experienced lawyer who guides you through the legal process. At the Law Offices of Alan Brown, our attorneys dedicate themselves to upholding your right to an objective defense, regardless of the accusations against you. With experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, Alan Brown has unique insights into the law that allow him to develop a multifaceted approach to your defense. Our attorneys’ familiarity with the local judges and clerks also provides an edge in securing the best possible results for you, minimizing your penalties and giving you hope for a positive future.

How our Texas lawyers can help clients charged with rape or child molestation

When law enforcement arrests you for a sex crime, the first thing you must remember is to remain silent. Do not talk with police or give into the bullying of law enforcement. Anything you say could incriminate you in court, so don’t even attempt to defend yourself — leave that up to a San Antonio criminal defense attorney. Contact a legal professional as soon as possible to begin your defense strategy, as waiting will not make your situation any better.

Our attorneys use various tactics in your defense. These include:

  • Suppression of evidence. If law enforcement obtained photographs, files or other records from you without a proper warrant, our attorneys fight to have that evidence thrown out.
  • Proof of motivation by accusers. Sexual charges often depend on the word of the accuser, and that person’s background and any motivations that he or she has are very important to investigate. These motivations could include lying about consensual sex to protect the plaintiff’s reputation, furthering disputes in child custody, seeking financial leverage or extortion.
  • Improper interrogation. Parents, teachers, police, therapists and even attorneys sometimes lead a victim into answering “yes” to questions, even when not the correct answer. This taints the evidence they collect.

Your case requires an aggressive defense, especially when you consider the automatic bias and assumption of guilt against those charged with sex crimes. A San Antonio felonyattorney defends against allegations such as rape, assault, child molestation and other types of sex crimes.

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Don’t wait to get the objective representation you need in your sex crimes case — call the Law Offices of Alan Brown today at 210-227-5103 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. The firm provide flexible hours at its offices on Main Plaza next to the San Fernando Cathedral. With staff that also speaks Spanish, this firm can provide bilingual services.